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In the spirit of such-and-such and what-not
Today is my last day at Regions. To celebrate this, I am going to post as much as I like, take my time with the three projects they dumped on me on my last three days, and generally not care about them. Because they haven't cared about me for months. Hell yeah, bitch, I'm bitter and ready to leave.


1) Reply with your name and I'll respond with something random about you.
2) I'll tell you what song/movie reminds me of you.
3) I'll pick a flavor of jello to wrestle with you in.
4) I'll say something that only makes sense to you and me.
5) I'll tell you my first memory of you.
6) I'll tell you what animal you remind me of.
7) I'll ask you something that I've always wondered about you.
8) If I do this for you, you must give something up for Lent. (For me, this year it will once again be Jesus)

I must know!

1) For some reason, I can really recall your canine teeth.
2) "You're One in a Million", because you tried to cheer me up with that song once.
3) I would say raspberry, but to be fair, we'll do it in mixed berry.
4) St. Vanessa of the Egg
5) It's just a vague memory of you standing at the top of the north stairs in Kagin. You're talking to Kagin Steph, who is working that side swiping cards, but it's late in the shift and no one is around. You are leaving work, but hanging around, and I seem to recall wondering if you had a crush on her.
6) I'll always associate you with ferrets... not because you look like one, mind you, but because of Grrr and Miss Bitters.
7) What did you honestly think of the way I handled myself after my Spring Break confession?
8) So, what will you be giving up in the name of Lenten dour joy?

::waves:: Almost done with yours...

1) Everything done
Once Haiku and yet now more
simple brings the best
2) I'm gonna refer back to a previous post yet again, cause I did the song thing once before. "Harajuku Girls", by Gwen Stefani.
3) I think we need to get our wrestle on in some grape.
4) 77% complete, and loving the Dark Knight sphere.
5) I cannot sadly recall my first concrete, factual memory of you. It was most likely sometime in Dupre or at the gamer table. But because of the lack of a factual memory, I am convinced that you sprang, fully-formed, from a bit of sea foam, riding a seashell to the chaotic shores of second-year.
6) There's something a bit koala about you...
7) What do you want to be when you grow up?
8) It's time for the Lenten Challenge? What do you select?

1) Champange pink can be very dark. It's not for losers. If done right, it can do better than gray.
2) Chant of the Paladin, Dead Can Dance
3) I'm seeing us wrestling in some obtuse, foreign flavor, like ligdenberry, or elderflower.
4) In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen. *SLASH*
5) The earliest memories are simply tied in with being at the Aster, as I was so overwhelmed by all the new people. (That was my excuse in the beginning, and later, just that I was too shy) The first concrete memory I have is walking in the hallways outside of the Aster, having a conversation about some boy who was dumb. I did a lot of listening, which I love to do.
6) Some regal house cat, like a Siamese or a Russian blue. One with enough claws to do damage, when you so deem it necessary.
7) How did you get involved in the LARP in the first place?
8) I already know what you're given up - you saint, you!

1) With the Baby Jesus Butt Plug, now you can have that sacred knowledge that the Infant Savior of Mankind is up your tight ass.
2) She thinks my tractor's sexy
3) We're getting it all on in a vat of butterscotch pudding.
4) Miranda, you're Management material. Not like that insolent Cody.
5) I do agree that our waffling times were the infancy of our friendship. Remember the batch that was put in the steamer?
6) A Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtle. Or possible a College-aged Mutant Samurai Gecko.
7) Where are you going on this crazy life path traveling of yours?
8) As a good Catholic, I'm sure you're giving up a lot for this upcoming Lenten Season.

Me. Although I believe you're going to have a hard time topping the last one of these you did for me.

1) I cannot help but pass a steak place and think of you. There's one I would pass every morning on my way to work. It's the "Home of the Silver Butter Knife Steak"
2) The Highwayman as sung by Loreena McKennitt
3) It's a ring of Jell-o shots, baby!
4) Rred yellow green red blue pink gray white yellow green purple und rred, rred.
5) We discussed it up at L'Homme Dieu, how we sorta danced around each other at Mac, but never really met. There were lots of chances.
6) Yeah, I'm gonna have to go with dragon.
7) What is the one book (just one now) that you will never forgive me if I never manage to read it?
8) C'mon, just humor me with the Lenten thing.

Good luck with number 4 - Abra.

8) Pineapple.

1) I once described a reading you did in Cole's basement as sand red and pale creme, with a fade veneer of shimmer
2) Adam Lay Inbounde by Mediaeval Baebes
3) Bring it on in a ring full of tapioca.
4) I really, really didn't care for wabasi peas.
5) I think I first met you at some kind of gamer dinner at Bucca's, possibly maybe? Of course, my memories of you beyond that are all solidly formed during Fight Club (Later known as FUNK)
6) A crane
7) What story of your own are you personally most proud of?
8) Pineapples are an affront to the Holy Ghost, I've heard.

I really don't keep in touch often enough.....

1) I remember you most in a green trenchish coat.
2) Fight Club
3) Taking you down in: lime green goodness
4) Er... sorry, stretching it here... the Malkavian interpretation of an egg?
5) The more I thought about this, the more some strange idea surfaced that I had actually first met you at the first Queer Union meeting of the semester. Cause I know that by the time I had been accepted to the gamer table, you were already well established, and I knew you enough to be jealous that you were already LARPing with these people.
6) A tasmanian wolf.
7) Do you regret not continuing on at Mac at all?
8) Come on, give the Wheel of Lent a little spin.

1) Is that a 2-liter of Mountain Dew in your pants pocket? Or are you just... oh... It's a 2-liter... and a bunch of smuggled kittens...
2) Danse Macabre by Cradle of Filth
3) Black cherry, my dear
4) Raven Starshadow! You got some 'splaining to do!
5) I first saw you on the first day of Tech Theater, taught by that lovable old coot, Dan Keyser. Feeling insecure by the fact that I was no longer among the 'new and fresh faces', I also worried that your hip pants and dark style would quickly be cooler than my uptight nerd facade.
6) A hawk
7) Why the Freshman? Why?
8) Saw below, respect, respect.

also? giving up chicken. take that, our foul overlords!

His name is Doc, and death has come because of him.

1) I once held an online contest to see who would first guess that you were the sujbect of a semi-erotic dream that I had dreamt the week previous.
2) Dune
3) I think watermelon would be appropriate.
4) Is Hayley the 'new' Willow?
5) There's not a lot of Doc specific moments in the beginning, just a lot of Doc presence and Doc wit. And that only comes to the forefront after the move to the new campus center. The only times we really connected outside of Gamer Sponsored Settings (the table, the dances, FUNK) was when we both had Craft of Poetry. You called one of my poems very Zen.
6) A Flamingo is the easy answer, so I'll go with the magestic Wildebeast, duke of the savannah. Just for something to talk about.
7) What would you had done if I had come on to you?
8) Are you also avoiding the chickens this Lenten Holiday season?

If you're still not caring about your projects today then, me!

8) I'll end the wonderful and passionate affair I've been having with the chocolate cake with orange frosting which is tempting me as I write this on the kitchen island. (Which is not to say I'll not make a cake with lemon frosting for Lent.)

1) When you came to pick me up, just once, summer after you graduated... you came in a red car to pick me up, and I jumped off the post I was standing on to watch for you. I fell. I don't know if you saw or not.
2) Sunny Came Home, though not entirely sure why.
3) Lemon would be nice
4) From Messenger on the main stage to my boxers in the black box in three days.
5) I was presented before the Gamer Table, and the fact that I was a theater-geek made you choose me. I don't know if it was entirely official until the Department Holiday Party, though. I think you were the person I came out to the most bluntly. ("I'm looking for someone with a penis")
6) Lioness
7) Is it Hawai'i forever, now?
8) Give up that cake! With a fork.

I'll give you quite a challenge and say me :)

I will give up fish for lent :)

1) Congratulations on the engagement!
2) Time Bandits
3) Coconut pudding, baby!
4) I hate orphans.
5) I'm sure there was some big get-together meet-everyone party or something at L'Homme Dieu, but I may have missed it because I was back in the cities the first night for my brother's graduation. So I doubt there was any formal introduction. I do remember a conversation about props being your stepping stone to hopefully more set design in your future.
6) A Kukaberra! (what's a kukaberra?)
7) What kind of wedding is it that you're wanting? I know you said something in your LJ about wanting something non-traditional.
8) Fish counts, but barely

1) Squeeee
2) Super Mario Bros. The Movie... I know it sucks, but still.
3) Banana
4) And then the dildo pierced the turtle through the back.
5) As with so many of my gamer friends, the early memories are clouded in a haze of chatoic mealtimes, dark flashing dances, and the overall sense of community. I apologize for this.
6) Kangaroo (boy, I'm just making no sense, am I?)
7) Ok, let's just take the insulting post to the next level, shall we? (prepares to be hit) That is your natural hair color, right?
8) Jesus demands sacrifice! Rarrr!

Can't wait for this....


Re: Can't wait for this....

1) You loves the w00t
2) Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith
3) Cherry, cherry, cherry
4) Mighty Mjolnir sleeps in your skin.
5) We met for drinks at the independant... it started as a crazy raining evening, but we had drinks (mine electric blue) and good teriyaki wings. You gave me some comics and a hug on the roof of the parking ramp.
6) A bear! woof!
7) When was your last relationship? (No need to answer, it's just required of me to ask)
8) C'mon, G, give up something for the Lord.

1) You've got a lot of green in your future... sorry, but I don't know any more of what that means.
2) Care Bears: The Movie
3) Is tangerine a Jell-o flavor? I hope so.
4) Tough one, cause I don't remember if we had much interaction just the two of us... sad, really. I mean, I could quote all sorts of idiotic actions by the Rick/Miranda Theater, but it wouldn't be just between us. I've failed you. I'm sorry.
5) I distinctly recall a pre-memory of you, being in Kat's room freshman year and learning that you were going to be moving into the room as her roommate... cause her other one never showed? You quickly became enveloped in the Quartet - Miranda, Julia, Kat and you, all distinct, yet all linked.
6) A reindeer
7) Um, what is your relationshipal status now? Why do I want to say engaged?
8) Jesus needs you to give some up!