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Belated 20 random things about me
1. Summer after I graduated, I typed up a little over 6 pages of "Little Things about Me", which included many small, random details about who I was at that time. I just reread it, and it's strange to see such a clear divide of "still true", "not true at all", and "completely unimportant now".

2. My index toes are slightly longer than my big toes.

3. I can remember squabbling with my brother and cousin over some game when we were young. We all wanted to be the 'red' player. I remember this simple, clean decision to stop loving red so much, and picked up the 'green'. I've never looked back.

4. It's an inescapable fact (as well as a currently unexplainable one) that I identify more with females than with males. I have no wish to be physiologically female, though, and I still have identified more with female characters in stories than most non-traditionally-gendered male characters.

5. I hate phone conversations intensely. I rehearse what I'm going to say long before I actually make the call.

6. I actually love mornings, because there is something intensely quiet about them. My love of mornings is often trumped by my much greater love of sleeping until I naturally wake up (as opposed to being awoken by an alarm/deadline)

7. I've never had a cavity, never broken a bone, never been in a hospital overnight. The two most invasive procedures I've undergone were not due to sudden trauma.

8. When I was very young (8 or 9), I bought an old, purple velvet dress and a pair of gaudy gold and strappy high heeled shoes. My parents didn't flinch, and neither did my brother. The same with my box of costume jewelry.

9. When there is something wrong with my body, I try to fix it myself. I pick at my scabs, I pop my zits, I cut at abnomalities. I once had a planter's wart on my right foot, right where my big toe started. Over the course of a week, I used a swiss army knive to shave it away, until digging down to the root. I've tried bursting the cyst on my wrist, but I think it's gonna take more than I can do to myself.

10. Somehow I acquired the belief that being the most fucked up, the most pained or the most crazy is the only way to be truly special without being arrogant.

11. My brother and I played a game once, and now in retrospect I can labeled it as a simplified Dungeon Crawl LARP. I was the DM, and played all the evil monsters (Cystal Slime, Dark King, Leather Spider). I told him when he had a fork in the road, and who he would fight, and then we'd mock-duel it out. He always triumphed, of course. There are a thousand villians, but only one hero.

12. I used to do augmented matrices for fun when I was bored in High School.

13. I can spot a Maiden-Mother-Crone archetypal triumvirate in nearly any work.

14. My favorite Care Bear was TenderHeart.

15. When I go up north to my grandparents' cabin, I always sleep in the attic. There's barely enough space to crawl around on your hands and knees without hitting exposed rafters, but I love sleeping up there, next to a water pipe, on an old mattress. I stopped sleeping outside in the gazebo sometime in high school, and now my boyfriend has joined me upstairs in the attic.

16. I want a house with three floors above ground. I hate rambler style homes, all spread out on one level, maybe with a basement. I want a tall house, not a wide one.

17. I was drunk one night on Shaw Field, my Senior Year. I went over to the tree that is between the Art and Humanities building... the big one, right in the corner of the sidewalk, on the Art Side. I proceeded to make out with that tree, cause I thought it was beautiful.

18. I'm constantly troubled by the question of "Am I goth or not?"

19. Sometimes I truly do forget that my boyfriend is gay.

20. I want to have children someday.

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2. This is a genetic trait known as "Elf toes" or "prince/ss" toes". I have them too - apparently, it's a recessive trait common to the inbred English royalty.

2) also, could be morton's toe, which is also used to diagnose flat feet. and i have them too.

I have them as well. Not as pronounced as some people, but still odd.

Mine aren't as weird looking as the fact that my big toes curve into them (leaving a bit of a gap where they meet) and my last two toes... gods, they just seem weird.

Looking up Morton's toe, it seems it's considered a muscular-skeletal defect and may explain why I sometimes roll my ankles when running.

9, 16: Me too.

17. That's hot.

18. I think you're at least as goth as I am, if not moreso.

5. Me too! Unless I know the person well, then I'm always tongue-tied and awkward. I would especially detest it when my boss asked me to call companies to see about possible licenses for games. I would always try to finagle ways around it... they're also a pain because they tend to switch you from one person to another at light speed - once I literally had to go through ten different numbers before I got ahold of the guy who actually handled the stuff (GOD that was HORRIBLE ::shudder::)

16. Once again me too! I grew up in Arizona: the land of one story buildings (because it's expensive to cool more than one floor)... while my extended family lived in Michigan, where I was fascinated with multistory buildings (and basements!) I do crave a multistory house. Current setup of being on the 4th floor is OK, except it is a pain that we have no elevator. Blergh.

Me too!...

3. Green is my fav too, very Taurus-esque
8. I demanded a Barbie doll to go with my G.I. Joe dolls at about the same age.
16. I thought I was the only person who thought this! Tall houses are way cooler!
Nice post, cutie.

They say that geniuses choose green.

And I really did choose it.

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