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The Dime
It is my full intention to vote in today's primary elections. It is the first time I have done so. I am spending my VAST amounts of downtime at work, trying to figure out who to cast my primary votes for. It is exceedingly difficult.

First off, it's the fact that it's a primary. I'm not voting for who gets the position, I'm voting for who gets the place on the final ballot. Secondly is of course the fact that I've had to search voraciously through the internet to find any listing of the candidates that were running in my ward. (Shame on you, modern democracy! It should be as easy as checking google!) Thirdly...

Ok, now I can understand why 'hot button' issues are dictating more and more votes each year. It's hard to find a comprehensive whole of a candidate to agree with. I can't agree with everything anyone says, and I don't know enough about the way government works (in the most realistic sense. I passed 9th grade government with no problem).

I like a lot of what Farheen Hakeem is saying. I LOVE the FAQ on her site that is as follows:
Where are you from?
I was born and raised in Chicago, went to school in Ohio, and now happily reside in Minneapolis. As for my "ethnic background," I will answer that as soon as it is a question regularly asked of Peter McLaughlin and R.T. Rybak.

Her answers to being pro-choice and pro-LGBT as well as devout Muslim are awesome, and her answer to the choice to cover her head is simple and powerful. My reservations? I have a fear that she doesn't have enough experience in government and leadership of this type. Maybe I'm biting my nails over nothing, but I worry that all the powerful idealism could get crushed by having to deal with beauracracy and the legislative branch. Plus, as a Green Party Member, she sadly has less of a chance.

Within this rambling, however, I feel she deserves my primary vote. She deserves the chance to be one of the two candidates come November. Should she make it there, then I can really spend some serious time between her and (probably) R.T. Ryback.

As for 10th Ward... ok, maybe it doesn't matter as much as last year's Presidential Election, but dammit, it's my city and I need to get involved. Of course, it's not so easy as that. 6 candidates, pretty much all DFL's and one Blue-Green. Was pretty excited about the Blue-Green Tom Moore, until he blogged a little bit about his feelings on development. I'm against the 10-story addition to uptown, not because I'm a 'liberal homeowner' or I'm worried it will 'block my view of the lakes'. I'm against it because I believe in an integrity of a neighborhood, and I feel that goes against it. I don't know if Moore was specifically talking about that, but that's what I walked away with, and it cost him my vote.

Who then? The middle-aged white DFLer? The middle-aged black DLFer? The lesbian DFLer? The youngish white DLFer? The... um... wait, who was that fifth guy again? So hard to dig my way through their websites. Issues like mandatory budget control or streamlined this-or-that. Stuff I really, truly do find impossible to care about on a good day. Can't it just be as simple as Candidate X wants to give you raspberries, but Candidate Y wants to give you dirtberries? Why not? *le sigh*

Then of course, there's all the numerous little positions like park board members and tax board members. It may be 'lazy democracy' in action, but I'm going to just go Green where ever possible.

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Ok, Alan Hooker gets a vote for Library Board Trustee, simple because his website takes the time to explain the origins of the slang use of "Hooker". In his words:

"Oh the things we can learn in a library."

Does my heart good...

To see people doing their duty and voting. *smooches to all who vote today*
As for me it will be Peter McLaughlin Mayor and Barbara Johnson in Ward 4.

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