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For half a second, I thought I was a libertarian. But then I realized that I'm not.

The End.

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That must have been a scary moment. /political leanings creeping forth

I know! And the name, it's just so horribly dorkish! Thank gods it's over.

Been there, done that. Gained appreciation for the environmental implications of complete lack of regulation and quickly began to look elsewhere.

I honestly just went there because I read somewhere that they think federal government shouldn't endorse marriage (as a 'sacred institution') for anyone; it should be just civil unions for all. I agree with that.

After that, though, they kinda weirded me out.

Yeah...I was amazed by that factor too...then I read further.

This is a little belated, but you should perhaps ask Claire sometime about the Anti-Libertarian Front and ALPHA.

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