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Sci-fi question
The Dime
As a complete and utter slave to my DVR, when it does the unexpected, I find myself lost and confused. Anyone, was it a new Battlestar Galactica last Friday (September 2)?

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No, it was a full night of fan favorites of Stargate. The black hole episode made my brain hurt in the best way ever, but even applied relativity cannot take the place of our new and improved Starbuck (no, do ME!).
It's quickly becoming like the best study of Jungian psychology and myth ever on way too many levels. I was sooooo drooling at the last couple episodes.

New season starts this week. It's a good thing too...went out biking last weekend and was tempted to yell at everyone in a vehicle that they were Toasters.


I LOVE the fact that the last, what, 8 episodes all took place in a space of a few weeks or so? And when the Caprica Boomer is all like "At the base there is where Athena, or whoever she actually was, should have been buried."

I do have to admit, though, that I'm glad we're finally off Caprica... that was just a tad too much of a side-story stretch for my emotions (distance-wise).


A Sci Fi Geek cry for help if ever I heard one.

Oh dear, I wonder what that makes me...being the one who was so devoted (obsessed?) as to not miss an episode that did not exist... ;D

I haven't been this innudated with good sci-fi shows in years! I also missed Firefly that night, but it was one of the few episodes I managed to catch back when it was on the air, so I wasn't as freaked out as I was about Galactica.

Re: Wow...

I am watching all the Firefly episodes courtesy of the fine people at Netflix. LOL I love the show. The writing is great. The writer is from the realm of comic books, need I say more?

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