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The Dime
Listen to the hymn of splashing coins
they will tell you
there is Joy to be had and it is as simple
as a fountain in the shade
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I saw these and thought of you.... hope you like them!

They are quite beautiful, as is the rest of the set they came from. I'm touched that they make you think of me.

How is life going for you these days?

Hmmm... it goes rather well :) Lots of (short-term) dating adventures, a decent job, a nice place to live, more happiness than I've had at any other point in my life, a full schedule with lots of creative activities, a garden with lots of tomato plants, a city I can bike in year-round... good stuff. I'm playing in a couple of bands, doing performance as a drag king (pics at www.cheesehead.photos.us.com), and thinking about getting into theater somewhat professionally.

*waves* Hi!

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