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The Dime
Simply put, there are days when death is not so terrifying. Not something to be embraced nor chased after like a butterfly. And loving it is not an act of morbidity, knowing it not an act of regret. There are days when death is clear and simple. You do not seek it out. You merely know if it came slowly over your shoulder, it wouldn't be frightening at all.

And the bright sun shines on all these thoughts, and it seems all the more fitting.

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Seems like most of the funerals I remember have been sunny days. I tend to find the "funeral in the rain" scene in so many movies rather worn and cliche, since it has never been a thing I've experienced in real life. Funeral + rain = fake funeral, or something.

I believe in fake funerals...

We buried my dad on the grayest day ever. They had to shovel a path to the burial site. The snow was 2.5 feet deep. It rained/snowed during the service. Winters naked in winter, white snow and gray headstones....I believe in fake funerals.

Z, send me an email I think I lost your addy.

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