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The Dime
I'm not particularly thrilled that the Minnesota State Quarter features a pair of fishermen in a boat. I'm sure there are thousands who think it's just fitting, but I was hoping for something a little more... classy? I like the loon, and I can handle the standard "Land of 10,000 Lakes" statement. Just something about seeing an outboard motor on my state's quarter makes me kinda embarassed. But hey, that's my opinion, my view on things, and we all know (or should have an inkling by now at any rate) that I'm a pretty fairy boy who likes things epic, symbolic and haunting.

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If you like things epic, symbolic, and haunting, most of the state quarters will leave you waiting breathless for the sequels.

I think Pennsylvania's Quarter is nice and really in the spirit of currency, and so is Mississippi's. I actually really appreciate the Texas State Quarter for its simplicity. I love love LOVE the Connecticut's State Quarter and if I had my druthers, would only use that as my coinage.

At least it isn't an ice fishing shack.

At least it didn't turn out like this


read between the (fishing) lines...

I think you are missing the whole homo-erotic message of the two men in a boat on a secluded lake. You know what they say about going camping with the gays? LOL

Heh... yeah... yeah, the one they chose is better than that

(Deleted comment)
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