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The Dime
What I wrote today:

In the village of Reinaulle, they built an angel, un ange, out of burnt straw and red-wet bones. They brought it all to the square, the remains of their lives and their loved ones, and fashioned an idol that stood twice again taller than the tallest of the men. The slender arms were dried stalks of what had once been the coming fall’s harvest. The eyes were made from the crushed relics of the church, long ago raided and defiled. They used their children’s hair to fashion the wings, having already drowned all the hens in the nearby river. It was fortunate that the breeding of the town had produced tow-headed babes for generations. Some stranger trapped in the town’s ecstasy had suggested fashioning robes from the hides of the cows, but he was quickly devoured by the purists for such blasphemy. They picked his gristle from between their teeth, and sewed his sinew into a garland crown to sit atop the angel’s hair of colorful scarves.

There's much more to this story, but the interesting thing is that this village speaks French, and I do not. Not quite sure why that happened. I'm not setting it in historic, modern or futuristic France. Maybe it shows some kind of racist/elitist/linguist tendencies in my subconscious, not sure. The point is, I KNOW the free online translators aren't giving me what I want. It's hard to tell it that I want the formal 'you' instead of the informal... (I can only assume French is somewhat similar to Spanish in that regard, which I have more experience in.) Any speakers of French out there that I could bother for a few translations?

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I can do some simple things, most likely...

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