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The Dime
Tomorrow, in the wee hours of the morning, my boyfriend departs for a week-long vacation in New York City. He'll be taking a fabulous 6-day cutting and coloring class, and enjoying the city he is fast falling in love with.

I will miss him a lot. Granted, the first few nights will be nice. Part of me misses sleeping in a bed all to myself, and things of that nature. But halfway through day two, I know I'll start to ache. We haven't been apart this long since I was at L'Homme Dieu, two summers ago. Oh, I'll survive, I won't crumble and die, I'll just miss him.

This weekend, the Boy will be gone. Amulet is already gone at the Winnepeg Folk Music Festival, and Angel has been gone all friggin' summer. I also do not work at the Jeune at all, so I won't be seeing my favoritest boss lady. It should be an opportunity to reconnect with those I don't see that often, but there is a wicked cycle in my blood; the less I see someone, the less comfortable I am making communications with them, and so forth and so forth.

I know I'm being hyper passive-aggressive. I Promise to try and make efforts myself, instead of merely hinting at the fact that I would want others to make efforts on my benefit.

I'm also stiffling my writing with perfectionism. I should be ashamed.

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We should get together, maybe invite some theatre people...and have a fantastic time.

And drink. We musn't forget the drinking.

What nights work well for you? The only engagement I have until the boy's return is Thursday night, when I may or may not work at the Jeune (depending on the crowds). Head out for drinks? Drink at someone's place? Mine?

I'm fairly free any night but Monday and Friday this week. If I were being responsible, I would say not on a weeknight, since I have to get up in the morning, but I don't think I'm being responsible. Anyway, anywhere's good too...

*light goes on*...

Does this mean me?

Re: *light goes on*...

Sure, what ya wanna do?

Re: *light goes on*...

Well, I already saw "Fantastic 4" so I am open to suggestions.

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