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Quick Notes from the Jeune
The Dime
Because it was so slow an evening going into things, a woman decided to sit at the bar and talk to me. She asked if I was still in school, and I replied no, I had graduated in 2004. She nodded knowingly, but was startled to learn that I meant from college. She had thought I was still in High School! Gods damn my vanity, but that felt good.

I picked up my compiled copy of Susan Cooper's The Dark is Rising from my parents' place. I had walked there after my dentist appointment in the hopes of getting a ride hope. Rereading this delightful tome on the bus ride home from the Jeune, a random girl walked up to me and expounded on how great a book it was, how she had read it for the first time when she was 15, how parts really frightened her. Fantasy-geeks, unite everywhere!

As for Pride today... I dunno, lots of mixed emotions. Maybe sometime later I'll have some coherent thoughts to put down. I'm just so much in flux about my identity (mainly in relation to other identities), it's a reminder that even at 23, I'm not all that together.


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