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What the Fizzuck?
The Dime
Anyone know what's up on Adult Swim? Specifically, on Futurama? Twice now, the phrase 'Sweet Zombie Jesus' has had the 'Jesus' muted out. Now granted, on my bad days, I'd love for a lot more to happen to the name of Jesus, but seriously, this is Adult Swim. Did someone get pissed off? Over something that wasn't even bleeped out when Futurama was running in primetime?

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Some time right after I left college, "goddamnit" went from being censored as "god------" to "---damnit". I have no idea, man.

And ever since Janet Jackson's nipple burst out onto the scene, cartoon asses are being blurred out in reruns, and the average Family Guy episode aired on TV is about two minutes shorter. Or so says Seth MacFarlane, anyway.

The religious right is taking over! Run! Run for your lives!!!

Sometimes it's hard to tell what kind of joke you're making, dear...

I'm being tongue in cheek! Honest!

But at the expense of the censors, or the people who believe the religious right holds too much influence?

The former, of course!! I'm one of the latter! What kind of a person do you think I am?

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