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The Dime
My birthday went as follows:

Phase One - Apocalypse Picnic!
Got a lot of supplies from my favorite local grocery and headed to Minnehaha Park.
Drove around for about 20 minutes trying to find free parking near the falls.
Took a walk down by said falls. Beautiful. Inspiring. Pagan church.
Grabbed the blankets and a selection of the food, settled down in the shade eating raspberries and just talking with my boy.
gildeddawn, avatarofchaos, and drowdancer show up bearing more delicious food and welcome company.
Leslie Tracy calls, unable to find us, I run to track her down.
The six of us enjoy a brief picnic time while the apocalypse gathered on the horizon.
The park lights came on because of the dark.
The wind began to bend saplings to 90 degrees.
We made an insanely quick dash to the boy's Element, with Leslie and avatarofchaos in the trunk.
We stayed there for an hour, watching the sheets of rain and hail fall, the lightning crash less than a mile away.
As everyone departed to their cars, it turns out the Element's battery died (mostly likely due to an hour of a/c and radio use) gildeddawn provides a jump.
Phase One labeled a disaster, but still one helluva good time.

Phase Two - Six Feet Under Overdose
After shifting all remaining picnic supplies into the apartment, I make my desire to watch Six Feet Under abundantly clear.
We lay around for 5 hours, watching episode after episode.
Five minutes from the end of the Season 3 Finale, we are interrupted by the beginning of Phase Three.

Phase Three - Shitfaced again
Hedda Bunch arrives and we walk to Zeno.
I have a class of white wine in honor of Kiki Bowman (They're None of them Colors), as well as a creme brulee. Delicious.
We walk to the Independant, the scene of last year's total drunken celebration.
I get a rum and coke, and go into full story-teller mode.
Joanna Bosslady from the Juene Lune calls to wish me a happy birthday, but says she probably won't come out tonight. I am sad she will not, but super pumped that she at least called, because she is rich with the rockage.
Amber Rose Brown (They're All Colors) calls, and arrives with Ashley and Chris Morris in tow. I have a Raspberry Daquiri and get right to making a fool of myself.
We order many delicious appetizers.
Rapunzel shows up just as I order my fourth drink of the evening. I am already wasted enough to be feeling my teeth in awe, and remarking loudly on how much people are cool.
We part company with my friends, and the boy and I stumble home.
I pretty much pass out during an attempt at the sex.

And that was my 23rd birthday!

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Happy birthday! I'm sorry I couldn't make it.

I thought of you when it started storming.

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