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Forecast: Sunny
The Dime
What: An afternoon picnic for my birthday
When: Monday June 20th, from 12:30 pm - whenever
Where: Minnehaha Park, somewhere near the waterfalls.
Who: You, of course. And You. And of course I'm remembering you.
Why: Cause I want to, dammit!
How: Basically, the boy and I will be in the park starting at 12:30 with some basic picnic supplies. If you'd like to come for five minutes, half an hour, the whole friggin' day, you are more than welcome. Because the nature of this endeavour is somewhat spontanenous and random, it might be best to give me a call on my cell phone to find out where in the park we've actually settled. (Or if it's after 5, call to see if the party has moved elsewhere.) Don't have my cell phone number? Drop me a line, or a comment.

I know this is haphazardly thrown together, and with short notice. And honestly, if it turned out to be just me and my boy and a picnic lunch for my birthday, it would still make me happy. I wanted to try something different than the drinking myself stupid this time. Most of you should get an e-mail invite as well.

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On a related note, I have the sinking suspicion that most of the e-mail addressed I have are quite out of date, especially for Mac people. (*sighs* It used to be so easy, @macalester.edu....) So just spread some words or such.

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