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The Dime
Hey, remember how some really good friends helped me take a day off and get to that job interview? Remember how it went well, but two weeks after the contact date, I had still heard nothing? Remember how I said I probably didn't get it? Funny story...

Due to situations I do not understand, everything was just delayed. I've been offered a Sound Board Op position for A Winnie-the-Pooh Christmas Tail and the ASM position for Miss Nelson is Missing! I have accepted both. I won't start work on Winnie-the-Pooh until November of this year, but it is still exciting for me.

Thank you everyone who helped, encouraged, watched, wished, and just was cool.

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(I'm very proud of you.)

Awesome! Have fun with that! When are the show dates?

Pooh runs November 18 - December 28.
Miss Nelson runs January 20 2006 - March 5 2006.

So yeah, got quite a span of time to fill in with more work. But it's so amazing to have something planned so far in advance.

Rock on, Preach it brother, Namaste, and All That Jazz.


In the words of Teen Girl Squad


I am changing all of my alarm tones to Winnie the Pooh in honour of your success!
That, and, it is very hard to be pissed at your alarm clock when the Pooh Theme is the wake up bell...

What I meant to say is GOOD JOB!!
I was hardly ready to believe that could turn you away!

Also, in another strange set of events...was on a cable car with a few of my High School peeps that came over here for a vacation and there happened to be this couple in the car with us.
And as we went over some mountains, we discovered that the man was an Actor at the Guthrie and had worked at a few other theatres in Minnesota, before moving to New York to work...his show was on tour in Japan!

Small world...but it is nice to know that even thesbians don't have to stay home-bound.

Do you happen to remember his name at all?

And when exactly am I getting another e-mail update from you? Hmmm? I was promised one a couple months ago and it never came through, boy-o.

And thansk much. *bows*

(Deleted comment)
Yeeee-hawwwww!!! Congrats, and may you maximize your potential. And stuff.

I agree...

ditto w00ts!

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