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Humility I
The Dime

If someone said,
said to me, "You are Not."
"You are not a dancer."
"You are not a writer."
"You are not unique."

If someone said,
said to me,
You are Not

and I believed it

then it is truer than
missed steps, poor words,
unsure chances.

I have no strength.
If it does not come from myself.
I have no strength.

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I'm not much of a punctuator in my poetry, but the last stanza really needed it, so I tried my best throughout the rest of the poem to make it a natural thing. I'm not entirely happy with it as is. Fields of dead babies, while you Frankenstein a handful.

"Students with normal color vision were shown blue slides. But one stooge in the room declared the slides were green. Only 32% of the students ended up going along with the vocal but misguided proponent of green vision. Later, however, the subjects were taken aside, shown blue-green slides and asked to rate them for blueness or greenness. Even the students who had refused to see green where there was none in the original experiment showed that the insistent greenies in the room had colored their perceptions. They rated the new slides more green than they would have otherwise. More to the point, when asked to describe the color of the afterimage they saw, the subjects often reported it was red-purple — the hue of an afterimage left by the color green."

There is a fair amount of evidence that there are mechanisms at work in humans that interrelates what we see and what we "know" altering subtlely what was seen and what was remembered.
Temet nosce.

Howard Bloom talks about this and other examples

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