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Another forward
The Dime
Some of you may have recieved a forwarded e-mail from me recently, simply because I have a current e-mail address for you. My Grandmother sent me another forward, one I disagreed with very much. What struck me, however, was how those who disagreed were asked to simply 'delete this e-mail'. I was very angered by this attempt to silence those who disagree from participating in the issue. So I tacked on my own take and sent it out to every e-mail address I had that I thought would still work. It is simply my attempt at action instead of silence. I am sorry if it bothers or inconviences you, I simply would not go along with silence any more.

And yes, I forwarded my response back to my Grandmother, as well as both my parents and my brother. We'll see if this turns into a great "coming out of the broom closet" for me.

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::hug:: What you did was intelligent, forthright, and brave. And I'm fully in agreement with you.

I know how you feel moreover: a couple of years ago my best friend sent a mass mail about how the war in Iraq was "saving the Iraqi people from tyranny." I stared at it for hours before finally writing back to her and everyone on the list that I respected the strong feelings of the writer, but could not under any circumstances support the war. I expected hate mail - and got instead several letters echoing support. In the end I felt better standing up for what I believed than sitting and forcing myself to be silent.

Be good, Zach. I feel in my heart of hearts that you did absolutely the right thing. ::hug again::


I didn't get it. But don't send it, please.

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