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The Dime
So I have the potential to be interviewed for some assistant stage manager positions for the upcoming seasons. Maybe it would work, maybe it wouldn't, but I want at least the chance to consider it, goddammit. But nooooo... my Now Job, the one that's paying all the bills, is in the way for EVERY SINGLE DATE on which the theater company wants to interview me.

I am full of rage and indecision. Only added to by the fact that I nearly walked out on said Now Job today, because their system of collecting and reporting data from the surgeons and nurses is Up-The-Butt stupid.

The first person to mention life not being fair or easy can just... something something their something.

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You can't pull a fast one and go, "oh, I'm sick!!" and go to one of the interviews?

This is the shite I'm worried about.... my now job getting in the way of what I really really want...

Up the butt! Up the butt!!!

Oh, sorry.....

See, the tough part about that is I really do need every day's pay in order to keep on keepin' on...

(Deleted comment)
For some reason, I'm more comfortable saying I make $12/hour than saying the actual, after taxes amount I make each day.

Sometimes jobpeople can be more flexible if you explain how much you are really interested in their job specifically, but how you are a loyal, dedicated, and good worker (not those words, but hey, it’s an opportunity to show your dedication to the work you do, whether you like it or not, which is really hot from their perspective) and are committed to your current employment on those dates. Give them full run of the rest of your schedule, be open and honest, and maybe they’ll be helpful, eh? I’ve heard around here at least that the two most important things they look for in job candidates are dedication and interest. You have an opportunity here to prove both of them.

Good luck, regardless.

Thank you, I do realize that my dedication to my current job can be seen as a plus. Unfortunately, theater time tables get tight very quickly, so that's a big factor on my mind.

Regardless, advice accepted and locked into the brain. ;)

no chance of swapping shifts?

It's a strange, office temp situation. But I'll make do. I'm basically doing the work of two people, so hopefully they'll be flexible.

...go crazy?
Don't mind if I do!
Argh, Bleck, Grr, hehehe...

And.... a billion points to you.

I second susan's reply for the most part. But more importantly, I second everything you have ever told me about your dreams in the theatre.

Seek out the flexibility of your current job.
But, if the flexibility is not their, throw caution to the wind and go for the assistant stage manager position.
This is a step towards what you really want in life.
If your current job will not bring you any step closer to satiating your goals in life, then I think you should take the chance with something that will. Those around you (your bf, your fam, friends, etc) will be very supportive of you...cause I think that they want you to succeed at something you are good at and they will understand that your desire for the interview is not an irrational knee jerk reaction to possibility, but rather a realistic desire that you wish to fulfill.

I truly hope that your current job is flexible and understands that you have your own dreams that you wish to pursue, but I strongly believe that in the end your dreams are one's that can be achieved and here is a step waiting for you to ascend.

Good luck in your choice, you always manage to throw the desires of the world before your own...I think it owes you a few chances at wetting your own hook, line and sinker.

The world owes me nothing... thinking in terms of karmic debt seems a dangerous path to trod. But thank you for reminding me that as much as I need money to survive, I need theater to stay sane. This IS the path I want to go down.

Come back to MN someday, Rick.

that's the dream
I hope you go for it

the more theatre jobs you do now the more likely you will get more of them. Make more connections and get the jobs you want. You can always pick up an extra small job on the side if you have to.

Ding ding ding. It's just crazy that I got the 'extra small job on the side' BEFORE I got the theater job. Oh well.

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