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Vicarious Thrills
The Dime
In the City Pages picks for 2005:

Best Choreographer: Judith Howard, a wonderful woman I've had the pleasure of seeing perform and working with many times (including being her preceptor for Mask Improv)

Best Opera: Maria de Buenos Aires, I worked front of house for this show, saw it about 8 times.

Best Director: Dominique Serrand. I pour him a glass of red wine ever so often, and he gets grumpy if we don't dress the house right.

Best Theater: Guthrie Lab. They have a great picture from Pericles to go with this, featuring one character in a wig that my Boy designed for the show during his internship.

Wow, it's like I'm practically sorta maybe kinda in a way close to being considered for the possibility of potentially being somewhere near the City Pages!

Seriously, though, I'm thrilled for these people on their own, it's just nice to actually know who they are. I'm particularly thrilled for Judith.