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A theory
The Dime
It is not that spring doesn't exist in Minnesota. It is that Minnesotans refuse to accept it. After months of boxed in gray and winter, dark days and long nights, we rush head first into summer. At times, the weather has been accomedating to our delusions, such as the earlier part of this month. When it's quickly pulled away, when springtime rains and chills settle into us, we're convinced we're on the way back to winter. That is our constant point of reference: the winter. It is what we plan for, what identifies us, what becomes a symbol for everything that goes sour in our lives. We don't have the words for Spring here.

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Actually, to me, anything south of Hinckley doesn't have spring, because those areas don't spend weeks to months with scrud and dying snow with mixed rain and sleet and ice and gray days. To my mind, once it's green, it's summer. In Duluth there was always a good lag time between winter beginning to die and things getting actually green.

I'm actually happy with the current weather where I'm at now, because I don't really want summer yet. Too much sweat.

Spring for me is that time of year when the ground is saturated and constantly leaking streams onto sidewalks. When fog rolls up everywhere. It is a disgusting period of new growth spilling over the dirt and filth left behind from winter's assault.
It is a time to start anew.
It is that time when, even as you grow older, you still comment about seeing the first robin of the season.

It might not be as highly commented upon as summer, winter, or the season that brings up closer to winter...but it is there...and that is the beauty of it, as it seeks no recognition and always returns.

Spring is for girly men...

We are Minnesotans, sired by Vikings on the rampage! We have no use for silly transitional seasons. Bring on the freeze and then slam us with the heat immediately after. Winter's orgies followed by Summer's cornucopian feasts. BUHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA! Dang I am having a surge of testosterone. HELP!

Hey--are you going to be in town 6-29--7-2?

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