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Gamer question
The Dime

Which of your past gaming characters do you miss the most right now?

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The only one I have, that I was able to play briefly with you, C, Betsu, et al.

I miss tall, strong, solemn, half-dragon shapechanging spellsword Vareya. She could cause so much carnage it was beautiful.

I think I miss my Outdoorsman from Cam's game the most. That was a great campaign. He was cool. And for a while he was an elf reincarnated as a bear, polymorphed into a Centaur.

Anya. Touched by fate, in spite of all her plain background. Destined to be the key to prophesy, to fuck things up if you ignore her, to change things for the better if you see the glint inside her.

Is she the one who met Dracula?

I have love-hate relationships with all my characters--parts of them are so delicious, so sensuously lovely, and parts are so hard and painful you want to scream. Right now, I miss Chyoko, the insane, evil butterfly pooka I used as an NPC in a changeling game I ran. She had a kind of steel lace, intelligent metal sky scream about her, the fumes of oil and the scent of flowers, the grin to bear teeth. I could use her vicious monster.

I miss Trevor Graydon. Telepath and dating Brent Spiner.

Good times.

What a nerdly fantasy! I approve mightly.

I suppose I should tell my own:

I miss October a lot, lately. He didn't really deserve what happened to him. (Not talking about the arm-chopping, though. That was character-building.)

Glad to hear you took it in stride ;).

I miss Arrakis herself often--that was perhaps my most fun, challenging, creative role to play. But I don't miss the non-game social drama that happened later in the LARP, and it can be hard to separate the two at times.

i miss DMing the littles game. acutely. does that count?

DMing is like playing 20 billion characters at once. To those who do it, and those who miss it, I tip my hats.

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