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The Dime
Last night was a genuinely fastastic time. While that seems good on the outside, from the inside, it's a complete and utter victory. Certain social settings have the tendency to make me feel awkward, insecure and out-of-place. These settings include large social gatherings, gatherings involving people who know each other a lot better than I know anyone, and lately, events at Macalester. Last night had elements of all of them. But it fucking rocked.

Of course, I was made up FAR too formally for the occasion, but I have a reputation to keep up (and in the case of some current students, to make). But my worries that I would be completely out of style were quickly quashed by the fabulous number of gorgeous dames and swank looking fellas. Old times settled in fast, not in a stagnant way, but in a comfortable frame to weave in. Never been out drinking with most of these people, though. (Of course, of course, save you, gildeddawn)

Big thanks to drowdancer for all the work put into it, no matter how little you claim it was. I had a wonderful time, and realized just how much I miss so many people from the gamer side of my life.