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Tinder and seed of dreams
The Dime
The Molecular Blasphemy

Welcome to Parasol, the galaxy's first completely cybernetic ACEP (Artificially Constructed Enviromental Planetoid) Foregoing the more traditional Gaian model ACEPs, Parasol promised refugee to the outcast, enlightenment for the seeking, and a pure paradise where organics and mechanics could meet. Of course, what's in a promise, especially on the magnitude of 10.5 billion expected citizens.

Parasol is in it's 10th year of Phase Two, the slow application and approval of the trillions trying to get in. Problems are arrising faster than Kierstii Redbluegreen can handle in her meager position as Relocation Advisor. And to top it all off, her brother Vindicat won't leave her alone about a supposed religious cult of moleculists being smuggled onto Parasol. But after meeting with his partners in crime-solving, the deluded neuropatcher Dodecahedron Jesus and his girlfriend, "walnut of the lowercase ladies", Kierstii has to grudgingly admit they may be on to something. And add even more to her already jammed "To-Do" list.

Seriously, at least I'm writing, even if it's back covers to novels I would never write.

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(Deleted comment)
Honestly, I was sitting there going, "Sounds like the sort of thing I need to read to get my mood towards creativity back on the upswing." It sounds like some weird sci-fi Tom Wolfe or Tom Robbins kind of thing.

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