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The Dime
I've given up on the practice of pre-scribed cards. I've spent too long digging through shelves, looking for someone else's best words to descrbe what I want to say. I want to be personal in my cards, I want to be emotional, but not choking on the cloying imagery present in most poetic greetings at the Hallmark stand. So I decided to love blank cards in the same way I love blank books.

There's a nice card and book store on Hennepin. Some very excellent photography on simple, off-white cards. I think now a card expresses me best, not just in what I write on the inside, but the fact that I choose cards that give me that freedom. In the case of the card in front of me now, it's just a small way to let my mother know me a little better.

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I started making my own cards. Then I can truly express myself. It's a lot of work but it is really worth it in the end. I think I made like 12 Easter cards, each one was just a bit different, and then each person could feel special.

Weigh the differences...

Originality and heart felt sentiment weighed against the bad puns and cliched sentiment that built the mighty halls of the empire of Hallmark. Hallmark will always reign supreme because most people value convenience over genuine expression. That is a sad thought. :(

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