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The Problem with my College Experience
The Dime
I've come to the startling revelation that I do not know my generation at all. I thought I did. I thought I understood my generation, how we thought, how we dealt with the baggage of past generations, how we would change the world. But I have to wake up to the fact that I am not a normal member of my generation. What I have percieved as such is just the small, though forceful groups of my friends, who are of course my friends because we have things in common. I don't think I would get along with most people my age. This is one of those mind-shifts that I have to make. I had a bit of hope for the future that I didn't even realize, and now it's changed.

In other news, one of the poems on the bus yesterday was written by a Diane Glancy. It was comparing bleach blond punk hair to fields of wheat. Anyone know if it's the Glancy from Mac?

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I hear ya. When I run into people my age at interviews I'm forced to remember that we are the exception and not the rule. Phoo. I don't have a problem leaving the bubble so long as I can go back on my free time.

If that thought bothers you, just remember that those who fit the norm are not usually the ones who cause changes in society.

No pressure or anything. ;)

I think that that is where going abroad would have been at least an eye opening experience to some degree.
It was very tragic not seeing similar types of people that were around the same age as me, but utterly different than me in my manner of acting and being.

Also, working with certain people of varying ages has shown me how different the generations are. I interact with a few 24 yr olds and I feel like I am out of touch with them...and even some of the 22/23 year olds (the whole 3 of them) are quite different from me too.

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