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Having lost all forward momentum..
The Dime
Poll #463583 Only nine for us all

Would you rather have a muse or be a muse?

Have a muse - I need that divine spark
Be a muse - I want to inspire others

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No good. I need/want both.

Oh, you bet I purposefully didn't leave that option.

Nu-uh. Not betting anything. Just telling you how I feel.

I agree. Sometimes one, and sometimes the other. It's important that I be able to find a muse when I need one, but its wonderful to be in the position to inspire.

Though sometimes you just have to slog through without any muse in order to get the work done.

Not everything requires a muse, certainly. But my friends list has a high percentage of the artistically and creatively inclined, even if it's just in hobbies.

It does indeed! Perhaps we could work out something among us; we get to use each other as muses when we need one, and promise to help inspire others when they need a muse.

I am a selfish motherfucker.

To me, both options are kinda selfish.

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