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The Dime
We celebrated 2 years together yesterday. I can remember when 3 weeks was a big deal.

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congrats! Just wait till it's over 4 years...it becomes hard to remember what it was like before having that person in your life.

Yay! Yippee! Yay! ::confetti:: Much congratulatoriness. 2 years = quite wonderously awesome. You rule.

It's this strange feeling -- once upon a time, a month was an amazing achievement. Now it's just the time between haircuts and rent checks and you're still waking up next to somebody and going, "wow. . . I love you" almost every single morning.


I *almost* made it two years once.... It's an accomplishment, indeed!


It is a fun ride. We've just passed 12 years.

Congrats. It's a beautiful thing.


I dance my happy dance for you. I have an idea - in other news - we must share together. I think it would be perfect for your beautiful, beautiful pantheon.

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