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Notes from last night:
The Dime
* World Market is a fun store. Lots of old school candies and such. I got some chocolate covered turkish delight!

* I had my first Afri-cola last night. I liked it, a lot. But the fact that it's kinda expensive and a hallmark of 'popular counter culture' makes me wary of liking it too much. Sad that I consider that when drinking something like Afri, but keep on drinking Coke like there's no connections to columbian drug lords.

* "There's a fine, fine line
between a fairy tale
and a lie"

* I finished the scarf I was commisioned to do for my grandmother, the gluing part of the mask that's been on my form for 6 months, and levels 20 and 21 of my RDM in FFXI (which is a lonely game, as everyone I know has moved to/is on WoW)

* I have more office temp work in my future... the pay is getting better, which scares me.

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I worked with a really good direct hire person who specializes in admin stuff, if you're looking for something more long term. I'd be glad to put you in touch with her - she got me a new job in 8 days.

Thanks, but for now, the temp work is suiting me fine. It makes me feel less like I'm selling out my dreams of doing theater as a career. Also, I'd have a horrible time leaving a long term position if something better ever came along. But truly, thanks for the thought.

Heh, I used to drink an Afri-cola during the monthly 2600 meetings back in the spring/summer/fall of 1998 in Minneapolis. The soda is good, but I concur, a bit expensive for a cola.

So it's been around that long? A hot little Chilean-German I worked with this summer was suprised and overjoyed that it had a following here.

Afri-cola out-lasted the place where we used to meet (Cyber-X, a cyber-cafe before there were cyber cafes, 15 minutes on their 128k isdn line cost you $2).

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