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Thoughts on the new Dawn of the Dead
The Dime
I've seen the original and the remake in the past month. I enjoyed the remake more, simply because it's easier for me to relate to, not because it is, at the core, a better movie. I've had the zombie-movie history, even the basic movie history that the film makers for the remake experienced. Sensibilities, culture and cinematic inter-informing have changed what an audience looks for since the 70s.

Some things I liked about the movie:
- The zombies move fast. Thank you! They are much more SCARY when they are an actual threat.
- A larger group of people involved. More interpersonal dynamics to make the survival a little more interesting.
- The mall/elevator music. Perfect!
- The zombie pregnant chick was an eerie, twisted element.

Some things my brain picked up on:
- Why did they HAVE to go to the generator in the zombie-infested parking ramp the second it went out, IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT?
- And where did those zombies go when they decided to redesign the shuttle buses?
- A group of ragtag survivors can keep a horde of zombies out of a mall, but a fort full of trained soldiers can't keep them out of a fort?

And here's the biggest point my Mac trained brain centered on.

The death toll for the characters are: the gay man, two people who engage in premarital (and other than missionary) sex, the female trucker (non-traditional female role), the interacial couple and their child, the dehumanized overweight fat woman in a wheel barrow, the shit-talking horny teenager, the owner of the gun shop. This count also includes three 'noble' deaths by white male characters: the salesman-cum-leader, the single father, and the redeemed, former power-hungry asshole.

Those that survive: A strong black man in a strong, masculine role (cop). A quiet, blond, white woman in a traditionally feminine role (nurse). A teenage couple who took the romantic route (versus the promiscuous couple or the horny teenager) and are a symbol for the hope of the human race, as they will form a hetereosexual union and have many white, white babies. Thankfully, the nurse's love interest committed noble suicide, so there is no immediate underlying threat to her hooking up with the black man to give birth to half tragic mulatto children.

Ok, so maybe I think too much. But seriously, the ending is a man to protect and a woman to nuture a young couple so they can repopulate the earth. What the fuck?

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Did you watch all of the credits?

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