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The Dime
Did a load-in of Fireball elements at the History Theater yesterday, and as sore, scratched and scarred as I am today, it was so incredible to be doing it all again. Working with Rapunzel was a definate bonus as well. I miss working in the Macalester Scene Shop more than I think I realized; we had a tight crew going and whomped some ass on those sets.

Started front of house work at the Juene Lune as well, Friday night House Manager and this afternoon, Box Office Assistant. The Angel says everyone hates being House Manager, and I can see why; general admission with some &@*$-ing uptight theater patrons is no fun. I'm a good assistant, though, so today should go well.

Rick, it is snowing; heavy, lazy flakes are making their way down. I watched it for five minutes from my bed this morning.

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hey! lynn is making costumes for that in the shop right now! fireball, that is. it is a crazy, crazy musical about a bunch of people on fire.


Are you working for electrics this week? Wu Chen mentioned hiring someone named Zach, but he said it was a current Mac student, not former. I think he must have been confused.

If so - will I see you Weds am? I'm coming in for focus. (I hope so - Marcus is an amazing designer, and I'd love for you to get a taste of the good stuff. Most of the lighting that happens at History is shit.)

Basically, I'm going in for my 'test' tonight (Monday). If I can actually be helpful with the hang despite the grid and my somewhat severe issue with heights, I may get asked back. I'm only guessing that's the case, though. Wu Chen said to come in Monday at least.

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