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The Dime
For anyone who watches Project Runway, last night made me sick. Wendy embodies some of the traits that drive me up the fucking wall. She acts like a bitch, and then complains and derails others for reacting to her bitchery. People who feel like the deserve things, just for being themselves. She deserves to be treated nice, even though she said she would do whatever it takes to win?

Same things with idiots on FFXI, or other online games, I'm sure. They deserve gil, they deserve an immediate answer/fucking WALK-THROUGH of the game, instead of doing a damn thing for themselves.

Let's all learn a little humility, people. I'll do it with you.

P.S. Mango Malibu makes the smoooooooothest shots.

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I almost started crying when Austin left, it just felt so wrong.

I have a feeling the reunion show next week is going to be very interesting.

My only hope is that with enough people bitching her out, Wendy will REALIZE that she was, indeed, a back-stabbing fraud.

I hate them for kicking Austin out. Wendy never should have made it past last week's challenge. I hope they laugh her off the fucking runway at Fashion Week.

That's the huge sadness of this week's episode. By itself, it makes sense why Wendy's in and Austin's out. Wendy just never should have been allowed to make it this far. I hope Miss Access Hollywood comes away with huge regrets after wearing Wendy's outfit at the Grammys.

Amen. About the Project Runway thing, not the shots. Is this rum of which you speak?

Yes, the makers of Malibu (coconut flavored rum) now bring you Mango and Pinnapple flavored rum! Yum!

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