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The Dime
I have a very, very, very part-time job with the front of house staff at the Theater de la Jeune Lune. It's not what I ideally want to be doing, nor is it a sufficient wage, but it's very important. It turned this little catch in my brain, the one that was so afraid of taking any kind of job that wasn't theater related. That I was somehow locking myself into a position, leaving my passions for the necessary evils of bill-paying and food-buying. But now? I feel like I can get another, fuller timed job, because I have this little piece of theater still. It's something, it's an opening, it's a cutting that may develop. So it's important.

Plus, I'll be working with the Angel.

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i don't suppose they are still taking people??

I honestly don't know. I jumped ahead of any actual announcement of the opening because my best friend who already works there gave me the heads up. Can't hurt to try, though.

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