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The Dime
Well, it seems I did prove myself a spoiled brat by coughing up such bile over an e-mail. I'm sorry to have posted it. I guess it just signifies a lot more going on than I originally thought, and you know me, always one to hold onto to family disfunction.

I over-reacted, enough said. It's easy for me to do when I'm feeling shitty about myself to begin with.

Also, to anonymous: She actually has gotten quite upset with e-mail forwards from Grandma before. I was a little shocked to learn that.

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I don't think it was you being spolied. I think it was a well needed vent and that e-mail had just tipped you off. Your journal is your place to do whatever you want and say whatever you want. So vent away to your hearts content.

Your understanding is appreciated. Venting just never seems as good an idea the day after as it does when I'm doing it.

I didn't mean to infer you were spoiled, kitten, not at all, just that extra effort is sometimes involved in communicating with relatives, and that you should consider taking that extra effort to make your situation understood.

No one made me feel like a spoiled brat except myself. The comments from you and my brother just made me realize how poorly I was acting. That's the mark of a spoiled brat. I understand what you're saying, completely.

Stop thinking of this as an either/or situation. You're not a spoiled brat- you were justified in your emotions, but she also deserves the benefit of some leniency. We all make mistakes, and we are misjudged from time to time, both situations can be dealt with and corrected gently.

You're not a brat. Stop it.

I didn't say so before, but I too think you were justified in speaking out. I'm willing to chalk up the incident to your grandmother not reading the essay carefully, but I feel the same way you do - I was raised right, and I'm doing pretty well for myself, all things considered - and would have felt the same if my grandmother had sent me the same thing. I think I have a different relationship with mine than most people do though.

No worries

Don't think you are a spoiled brat. I would have been pissed off a little bit myself if I had read the entire email, I just stopped after the first couple of lines because I knew where it was headed. Mom has gotten pissed off at Grandma for the emails??? I had NO IDEA! That is a little crazy, but nice to know. I wonder what she would say if she read this latest installment.

Choose your battles...

One life lesson I have learned is that it is a choice as to what we let effect us emotionally. I agree with your brother, I would have read the first few lines and deleted it. Mainly because a form email is not worthy of battle. Pick your battles carefully. I don't think you are spoiled..or at least no-more-so than anyone else (including your grandmother).
On a side note I am a bit impressed that your grandmother can even send an email (no matter how misguided). My mother can't be bothered to learn how. *big hug*

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