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Shamelessly stolen from Gunn
The Dime
-Scan my interest list. List one that seemd odd to you.

-I'll explain it.

-Then you post this in your journal so other people can ask you about your interests.

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cloven hooves...

Having satyr in your interest list seems a bit odd. More of a centaur man here.

Re: cloven hooves...

What I'm really talking about their are the satyr kith of White Wolf's Changeling: The Dreaming. They embody a freer passion than the Sidhe, an earthier wisdom that the eshu, and are hot, hot, hot like sex. If we're talking pure Greek mythology here, then yes, they are a tad too nymph-centric for my tastes.

A district in Japan that was locally, and now is globally reknown as the high spot of fashion for the Japanese youth. Not only will one find the trendest looks of modern Japan, but also the most extreme gothic and eccentric costuming gathered in one place. There are photography books dedicated solely to these people, who truly do transform themselves everyday.

this is mostly a summer trend though :'(

Of course! I knew I'd heard of it elsewhere. I know exactly what you're talking about, and it makes sense that it's on your interests list.

A twisted inside joke. Take a penchant for "bjork-ifying" words (barf=bjorf, boobs=bjoobs). Apply it to 'pussy'. Pjussy. Add those NTN trivia boards and four crazy theater biatches. Make sure there is a chat feature. Make one of the crazy girls try and spell "pjussies", but have her misspell it. Hilarity insues, as the witty Wisper makes a joke about the biological process known as "pjussis".

Really, really twisted. And pretty inside.

miss gunn


Yet another delightful kith of Changeling from White Wolf. The Eshu's are the adventurous storytellers; they strive to live out the stories they tell. Their eyes look like the starry night sky, and their demeanors are usually ones of boisterous, almost cocky excitement of their own adventures. Stories are their currency, their lives an open road. They always arrive where they are going, and always at the most story-perfect moment as well.

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