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Project Runway
The Dime
I've managed to avoid writing about my obsession with this show up until now. But then I read the message board for it on Bravo's website. (Big mistake, because most messageboards attract unintelligent, unproductive responses like "he's sooooo hot" and "what a bitch, fuck shit god damn I hate her") Rather than join the fray, which would only piss me off, I'm going to vent a bit here.

Alexandra - she should have been cut. She was living under everyone's radar, which is good for competitions based on back-stabbing, plotting and politics. In a competition actually based on talent? It means she's not wowing anyone, and we don't want a winner like that. Plus, Tim is right in that she is alway, always secretly designing clothes for Alexandra. Everything looks like she does. Maybe she's got good technique, and maybe there is a market for girls who have her exact same style, but it shows a lack of imagination and diversity.

Kevin - apparently a lot of women on the message boards love him, want to date him. He's passive-aggressive and I don't like him. His design for the rock star did not deserve to win. (Although, admittedly, none of the designers hit in on the nail with that one.) Nothing of his has grabbed me, and while I admit my personal dislike of him weighs in a lot, I just feel that all of his work is
a mess thrown together.

Robert - this goofy guy doesn't have long. He is so hit-and-miss. His envy dress and his wedding gown were both high, but everything else just seems wrong. Stuff that even I know don't go together. Specifically, his bathing suit and his banana republic dress had elements that haven't gone together, ever. He talks a good game, though, which is maybe why he's still around.

Wendy - as I've said to all my Runway friends, I loved her in the first episode, and it took me forever to realize that she's a bitch. Her basic problem is that she's watched too much reality TV, and this isn't one of those political manuevering games. This is about talent. Which is why, when she put it aside, she won the Banana Republic challenge. She's also a hit-and-miss designer, in love with asymmetry, which is right up my alley. But she isn't going to make it. Too many holes in her repetoire.

Jay - one of the top three, he's got a definate style that can still be tempered to whatever the challenge is. He's got problems with interactions, though; I fear his entry into the world of high fashion will suffer more from his personality than his designs. Still, high marks, love him, want him to make it to the top three.

Austin - perhaps the designer I feel has the best technical skill. With one exception (the wedding dress), everything he has made looks Finished, capital F. He too has a definate style, but while Jay's is self-labeled "Techno Bohemia", Austin is a retro girl. This has a few dangers, because not everyone agrees that everything from the 1900s to the 1940s is ok to wear again. he tried really stepping out of his bubble, and crashed and burned. Yet he's got enough flexibility in what he's got to make it.

Kara - my favorite, hands down, on all levels. Her designs are good, with personal style but also variety. They look finished, too. She takes it one challenge at a time, and considering that she is one of two designers to have one two challenges, of course she's got the judges' eyes. Plus, she's got a great personality. Cool, collected, and gets the job done. She knows this field like no one else in the room.

So, in the end of my long ramble, I predict it will be Jay, Austin and Kara in the final three, unless Jay or Austin makes something hiddeous by mistake. (Of those three, Austin is the only one to have a design in the bottom three for a competition, and that's happened 3 times.)

Well, that's enough from me. If anyone read all this, give yourself a box of cookies.

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You're completely right about everyone! There's no way I could have said it better. I love Kara Saun so much. I think it will be the three you said in the finals, unless, as you say, Austin or Jay screw up really badly, but I hope Kara Saun wins. I don't like the looks of next week's challenge, though...they all have to be a team? I don't think it will go well.

First off, wow, three people responded? Damn, it's an epidemic.

Secondly, team could go exceedingly well (Jay/Kara/Robert was an incredible team, and not just in comparison) But with Austin still bitching about Wendy, Wendy still being a psycho loner, Kevin having NO team skills whatsoever, it could get very icky. I too am scared that one of my beloveds will get kicked off for a crazy reason.

That's about what I've been thinking.

Personally, I prefer Austin's designs, but that's because I'm into a lot of the same retro stuff he is. His Banana design was the only one I would have worn, for instance.

Austin is great because he has such a dedication to that style. Look what happened when he tried to do something completely different (Julia's wedding dress) However, as nice as the Banana Republic dress came together, overall it's very similar to the style of the corn husk dress he made. A costume designer friend of mine commented that Austin's BR dress, while exceptionally well made as only Miss Scarlet herself could do, was a bit basic in it's design. Food for thought.

On the other hand... Austin's Envy Dress? Thought I was going to pass out, be resurrected and then die. Wow, that was hot, hott, hottt.

It'll be interesting to see if he can modulate that style into something sellable as a line. Kara's great, her designs are always good, but sometimes it feels like she doesn't have quite as much personal style - which it seems like you need for a line. In terms of being able to make personal style that will sell, Jay seems the best right now.

I am a big Jay fan. I loved his Banana Republic dress and his wedding dress. I agree with you completely that he, Austin and Kara Saun are the best designers, and Kara Saun is definitely the sweetest, least dramatic of the bunch. The way her model reacted to her wedding dress was priceless.

For my $0.02, I think that Robert has been dodging bullets for weeks and will go down very soon - and for the attitude problems Jay has, he still has the ability to work under pressure and in a team, whereas Wendy (I think) almost wrecked it for her group in the rock star mission. I really don't know what Kevin's problem is. I've been attributing the problems he's had lately to others - either Morganza or the girl with the faux-hawk who was let go last week - but that's clearly not the heart of it. His style doesn't signal itself to me the way Jay's, Austin's, or even Wendy's does. That's one of the things I really enjoy about the whole show, though - being able to see a signature of sorts in every outfit.

I hope I don't totally offend you with this comment, but my bf said that Jay's BR dress would have looked 10 times better on a model with different skin tone; ie, a black model. So in a sense, it probably would have looked better on you than on the pasty white chick it was on. The soft grays and white top... yes, work it.

Robert - you are right on. Dodging bullets is a great way to put it. And it's because he can sell himself.

Wendy - right again, no pressure skills.

Kevin - I can't speak objectively about him because I dislike him sooooo much.

Second to finally, you called her Morganza. You rock.

Finally, yes, the signature styles are the ones we love. Star had a style (over the top) Mario had a style (quick) Nora had a style (edgy active-wearish) Alexandra had a style (Miami girl) Jay has a style (Techno-bohemia) Austin has a style (retro grandmothers attic) Kara has a style (I can't describe it, it's just Kara Saun) and Wendy has a style (asymmetrical) I can't pin down a style for Kevin or Robert.

Tee hee. I did think that Jay's Empire State dress would have looked ok on me. I take it as a complement.

Nora was my hands-down favorite, but not for any of the clothes she built during the competition - it was the work in her portfolio pre-runway that really did it for me. I was sad to see her go.

Nora had an amazing sense of line - a crispness to everything she made. Thus, it's easy to tell that her client/model's demands overtook her. But since she's just out of design school, this is just the beginning. One of the reasons I love the show is because even if you get eliminated, you had work on national TV, and someone out there is going to want to work with you.

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