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TV is good...
The Dime
...as background while knitting. A few notes:

- apparently, the latest selling point of Apple Jacks is that they DON'T taste like apples. In fact, apples are the enemy, trying to keep the smooth, Jamaican talking stick of cinnamon from getting into YOUR mouth!

- my latest complaint about car commercials? They are bastardizing good songs/compilations for they're own benefit. How long have the 5,6,7,8s been around? I think their popularity in America came from Kill Bill. Yet car commercials already have their OWN versions of Woo Hoo. And stealing from the graduation song? Sick.

- Pumpkinhead II: Blood Wings. Sounds classy.

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dude, i totally could write that movie.

i've also been trying for a month or so now to get myself to learn how to knit and it just doesn't work! i swear, knitting is a conspiracy that you have to be initiated into to learn.

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