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The Dime
Okay, finally, I finished about as much as I can in my last post I hope I didn't disappoint or offend anyone.

In other news, my temp job is over. Done. Kaput. I'm kinda excited to find something new, try a new way of doing things for a few months. God willing, maybe it'll even be in theater.

The Nomad have traveled back to California, and I miss him, cause we're finally getting to the relationship I want to have. Yes, I know you read this. Tough.

That's all for now. Wicked peace to all!

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In light of your last post...this is something I wrote about you a long time ago. I don't know if it's any good, or if you remember the night, but here it is anyway.

One A.M. – Dancing Lesson

Sky’s done praying to Zach
tonight – he’s walking off
the slick grass stage and past
the firelight shadows that
animate the trees. He’ll
slip past the guitar player
and the folding chairs, but a
minute or so ago he
was spinning and slapping
his hands on legs flared out
from the tugging ground and
singing with his blood to
the Northern Lights and the
King and the Lady with
all that his dance and his
sacred fallible body had to give.

Writer to writer, there is no greater gift than words. I'm thouroughly touched and honored. *bows*

I do remember the Northern Lights. Quite well.

Wicked peace? Is that like what happens if the fourth reich takes over the world?

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