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The Dime
Both the computer and myself are sick. I am taking measures, but I am afraid it may be too late for one of us. (Hint: Not me) Reformatting scares the fuck out of me, because I've got so much on my computer. Yes, in terms of programs and softward and such, which is probably where the problem is stemming from. But also, my writing. It's all on here. If my system were to ever crash, I would lose EVERYTHING. That's harsh for a writer to speculate. Back-up systems, here I come.

On my personal diseased front, the fever broke for good, I hope, and the chills are gone, but it still hurts to swallow. It's a toss up between taking some medication to make me feel better, or forgoing that for the chance to imbibe alcohol this evening, at an event that seems more and more like it's just going to be my boyfriend and myself.

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Fear not...

Whilst you are at home being the cutest poster boy that the sobriety society of america has ever seen, I will be at Le Meridien drinking like a tuna.
No, really, don't thank me...it is the least I could do for you.

Aww. I was sort of looking forward to seeing you. Have a great one, and feel better.

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