The Alphabet Witch (wilowisp) wrote,
The Alphabet Witch

Monday Morning Grumblings


We have been working on projects like this for TWO MONTHS! Is it just too fucking much to ask that you THINK before asking questions to which you should already know the answers? Is it crazy to expect you to remember basic things from one project to the next, or for you to actually think things through like someone with a speck of reasoning? And you. Why do you have to let everyone in the room know when you have a problem with an application? For god's sake, I don't care, and I doubt anyone else does either. Put it aside and ask a rep at a later time. Besides, half the time, it's a dumb ass little technicality that doesn't warrant the tirade you give it. Just move on.

Lords and Ladies help me, I can't stand working with this crew for much longer.

Xmas was good, but you don't really need to hear all about that, I'm sure. Every year I'm worried that I'll grow depressed once it's over, and every year I manage to make the transition from Xmas to post-Xmas without a worry. Cheers.
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