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To the moon!
The Dime

There is a rocket taking off for outer space. The thing about rockets nowadays? Apparently they need an onboard technician as a back up, just to make sure everything is cool before it breaks out of the atmosphere. And by onboard, I mean stradling the rocket like a mechanical bull, ready to eject at the last moment and parachute back down to earth. I have a sneaking suspicion that I volunteered, but the end result is the same: I'm the one strapped down and ready to go. I panic slightly when I realize I've never had training, but they sooth me with an ear piece communicator, so they can let me know when to eject. So it seems my rocket-riding is more of a formality these days, as NASA has taken care of business. We blast off (wow, sexual imagery abounds!) and I'm sailing through the sky. I keep waiting, waiting, waiting. Then they tell me to eject, and I drop the eject button. Fortunately, it was pinned to my jacket, just like the mittens of young, special children. I eject and sail down through the layers of the sky before crashing into the ocean. There's no fear, no trepidation being totally alone. Soon the divers arrive to escort me back through the dark waters. We have to go under, through. (Dear god, is the perverted part of my brain the dreaming part or the part remembering all this?) We travel through the waters and into what seems like the underhull of a wooden ship. I've been holding my breath the whole time, but the longer we go, the more I feel I can breathe the water itself. However, once we start swimming into the submerged parts of the ship, I know that the entryway back to air is nearby. That's when I feel the burn, push the divers faster, and emmerge onto the dock of a pirate ship.

Then I wake up and realize the TV is still on, with my boy having fallen asleep some hours ago.

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Lost Horizon Circle

Whoever names streets in Prior Lake wins major points!!!

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