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Cardinal Eid'swraith
The Dime
His Eyes

In the coldness between the stars, mankind found despair.


The first generations to truly live their lives away from Earth suffered the worse. Separated from the previously disregarded effects of Earth’s ecosphere, named the Gaia effect, these people born and raised in space succumbed to severe apathy, depression, near constant anxiety, and eventually self-inflicted wounds. It was labeled a species-wide epidemic, with no immediate cure in sight. Scientific and pragmatic societies that had eagerly taken to the stars began to crumble as their populaces were overwhelmed with the expanses of space. Millions rushed back to Earth, or hastily landed on random planets in an attempt to pacify the Malaise. Planetside, it took generations for the people to attune themselves to the alien or terraformed environments enough for their bodies to forget Earth. Those who were trapped among the stars, the starborn, had no such recourse. Desperate for anything to cling to, they returned to old beliefs and new faiths, fashioned from remnants of Earth culture, and the new sciences that brought them to the emptiness of space. Mighty churches arose, and for a time, to be without fanatical devotion was to be lost and consumed by suffering. In time, long after the Planetside cultures had freed themselves from any memory of the Malaise, the power of the churches lessened their hold, but by no means let go, paving the way for the grand space empires that were the dreams of centuries ago.

Across the Room

From the stars, the entropic flow of the universe is unavoidable. Rather than run from this fact, the cult of the Thanoi embraced it. The death cult grew early and fast, as the very civilizations around it seemed to prove its truth. As the age of Faith began to wane, the Church of the Thanoi pulled back even further into secrecy and seclusion. In the current times, one in six of the Starborn still hold faith with the Book of Thanoi (whispered to be the one perfect equation for all the universe), but it is the rare member of the clergy that colors the impressions of others. Austere and severe, with an appearance of lingering sadness, the true Thanoi are part priest, part mathematician, and part assassin. They met out death sparingly, but efficiently, according to their own strange and alien laws. Sewage workers and merchants, to presidents, priests and kings, all have felt the cool, calculating blade of the Thanoi. Early on, they were challenged at every ‘murder’, but as their power and reputations have grown, most scenes are met with only choked sobs and fear.


Cardinal Eid’swraith

As with all high profile members of the Thanoi, rumors abound concerning Eid’s past, his childhood, and his initiation into the Thanoi. And Eid’swraith is as high profile as any clergyman of the Church of Entropy can get. He is invited to formal functions and galactic gatherings as a representative for the Church. Only twice at such events has he performed Thanoic killings, and those occurrences were kept private and efficient. He rarely speaks and never betrays an emotion, qualities that even the lowliest deacon has mastered. It is his vaguely childlike appearance, beneath the traditional kabuki-esque make-up, that both softens and further unsettles those of others faiths. He is always attended by two servants in red, masked and without identity. The only personal touch to Eid is his preference for the symbol of the ring; considered a somewhat archaic symbol of the church, it has fallen into disuse among the laymen and clergymen. Within the church structure itself, Eid is a very powerful member, though somewhat under scrutiny lately, for a killing in which he expended energy in ordering children from the room before committing the act.


My Review:

Well, well, well, if it isn’t my plaintive waif look again. I do that so well, don’t I? *sigh* I really wanted this to turn out more severe and dangerous looking than it did. My hair didn’t get the volume I was envisioning, and as the boy commented, stage white make-up his splotchy. I am very happy that my facial hair was washed out decently, and the red on my eyes camouflages my thick brows fairly well. The lips are fun. I’m thinking maybe the penciled in eyebrows are what softened me up too much? Too much of a human quality? The dots under the left eye looked good up close in the mirror, but I think lack enough definition from farther back. The boy did a great job with my camera, though, and I have much love for that. The shots I tried to take myself weren’t worth a thing.


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::peanut gallery applause::

I like the eye shot and the closed eyes shot...those are my faves :-)

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