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Musical Finds
The Dime
So I recently raved about one of Gwen Stefani's new singles. Today, I discovered a song called "They" by a group called "Jem". Er, artist called "Jem"? Band? Anyway, I enjoyed a strong hip-hop beat combined with angelic choirs and quirky playground music. The message, while not all that complex for a Macalester College course, is surprisingly nice to find in pop music.

Then, I listened more to Bjork's 'Oceania' and came to a greater appreciation of her and her work. I really enjoy the lyrics, and the music video is crazy-cool, with her face completely covered in rhinestones.

There is good music out there, you just have to sift through the chaft. Is that the right metaphor?

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I thought it was chaff?

Yes, that is the right metaphor.

Re: I thought it was chaff?

'tis chaff. chaff the stuff made up of the stalks of wheat that are left over by the threshing process.

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