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To Friday Morning:
The Dime
Fuck you.

As you are no doubt aware of, I am a whiny bitch with needs. As a member of a community that I despise (Mornings), you have to work damn hard to get my approval. Today, you slipped up. I need a bus ride WITHOUT confrontations between bus driver and passenger over whose fault it is that a woman's foot was caught in the door. I need my light rail car to come ONTIME, delivering me to my third automotive transport with time to spare. I need time to get my morning doughnut. I need my morning green tea. On all these counts, you have failed.

Admittedly, the attempts at compensating with a cataclysmically painted sunrise were noted and taken into account. However, due to the fact that after such a wine-colored sunrise the Sun actually DID proceed to rise, points were taken off.

I am disappointed, and can only hope that next week, you will work to make up for today's horrid failure.

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Mmmmmmm doughnuts...

Listen to some Rufus Wainwright on your morning trek with the unwashed masses. You will feel much better and digest your food more completely. Promise!

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