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The Dime
My god, I want an excuse to create a costume from pieces owned and found. I want an excuse to put on fantastic make-up. I want an excuse to BE someone else, someone fantastic, someone epic and story-book and sure, maybe just atmostphere and environment rather than heroic or villanous. But above all else, NOT mundane!

Sure, LARPing had it's moments of fun, but in the creating, in the being, even without anyone else around, that is what I loved.

p.s. to you:
I think now, looking back, I enjoyed the Dupre stairwell talks about your gaming more than my own experience. Not downing the game. Just loved being back shadow confidante.

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If I get this job, my game is back on, love. For real this time.

That would make me extremely happy.


(Deleted comment)
This is exactly the bitch-slap wake-up call I expected/needed. Thank you!

I second that. When I really get it right, being costumed is a lot of fun.

I think, in retrospect, those were the best moments for me as well. The other held too much trouble. It is the stories and the telling of them that survive to thrill me today. Little else.

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