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Take a step back
The Dime
I've put my foot in my mouth a few too many times in the past few days. Seems to be a direct correlation between instances and my tendency to think of myself as 'the shit', as the kids nowadays would say. Resolution? Take a moment to remember that I'm not all that (certain not with an additional bag of chips). Be a little less critical, don't think that everyone needs to hear my thoughts on everything all the time. Remember the humility of knowing nothing.

And speaking of humility, my dog just vomited on my foot. Thanks universe, for the immediate reinforcement of today's lesson!

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Pets exist to lift us up when we feel down and humble us when we're too full of ourselves. They're awesome like that.

'Tis true. Although I'm a little concerned that I cannot remember the point at which I was suddenly okay with, even blasé about regularly cleaning up another creatures feces...

It's just that sticking point that keeps Phil from okaying a dog.

...I guess three cats are *probably* enough....

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