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Staring Forward
Poll #950130 The Work We Do

Which of the following best describes your feelings towards your employment?

I love it, and will stay as long as they let me.
At this point, might as well admit I'm in for the long haul.
It's a great place and will probably stay here for around 10 years or so.
I hope to stay with the same company, but am looking to move up the ladder.
The next five years or so is mainly for the experience.
I'll be fine for a year or so - afterall, it pays the bills.
Only staying until something better comes along.
Actively searching for other work/thinking of quitting.
Currently without gainful employment.
My answer defies your silly radio buttons! Let me explain...

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oddly enough, at the same time you posted this I sent in applications for five jobs.

Especially strange since the poll has been bouncing in my brain for the past week and a half, and I only now got around to posting it. Some greater hand must guide me. Or greater foot. Or something greater.

And at the same time you posted this, I laid out my case for grad school.

You could see above for a timing comment, or you could see below for your own, fabulous version of it!

Despite being in the first button, I'm lucky in that I don't have a "real" job. Free-lancing is great (except come tax time when it is more of a pain in the ass than having just a few W-2's to input) and I wouldn't trade it lightly. In fact, I've been asked a handful of times over the past three years if I wanted to apply for various theatre related "normal" jobs and I've always been flattered but declined. I like my non-normal hours, the schedule I (mostly) set myself, and the freedom. I realize I'm very lucky.

I've had plenty of normal jobs... in fact, too many. For my 2006 taxes, I had 9 W-2's I had to wait on, then input.

I'm completely envious of the freelancing part. I get bored at repetitive jobs. That, and theater, theater, theater of course. I'm off to a pretty slow start in the Minneapolis theater world, though, what with timid skills and all, but maybe in the next few years or so I can survive on part-time office work plus theater gigs, instead of full-time office work.

I'm just lost and wandering now.

It's not such a bad place to be, if you've got no real responsibilities. May you be lost in interesting places with fascinating people.

I may stay as long as they let me--but I figure I can at least commit for 10 years.

A lot depends on where the company goes--companies, like people, change.

(Deleted comment)
I chose the last option. Although I do like my job one of the perks that comes with it is free tuition. So I will stay at this job until I get my degree in interior design, use career services to find me an interior design job, and leave.

So I should have had a "Cannibalize this job until it is an empty, dessicated shell and then move on to more fertile pastures" option? ;)

wispering (Anonymous) Expand
Considering I'm in school, I chose the "mostly for experience" one.

That said, I am simultaneously considering other life options, as being a professor might be fun but would probably also be pretty damn stressful and generally not-good for a person like me who needs to be dabbling in lots of different disciplines rather than devoting myself wholeheartedly to one thing.

I'm glad that I enjoy more in theater than just being an 'actor' or a 'set builder' or a 'playwright'. I love moving from project to project into a different role each time. Keeps it fresh, keeps it interesting. And I really do love just about every aspect of working on a show.

I would prefer unemployment to the way things are, except for the no-income part. I am wasting away.

The advice I've always been given and never managed to follow through on, is that it is best to look for the new job while you still have the old, so the no-income part doesn't overwhelm. My argument is always "When do I have time to look for a job when I've already got one?"

(Deleted comment)
Of course I expected you to be one of the few to defy my radio buttons.

It's good experience, but I'm already ready to flee.
Just five more months.

Another grad school bound person... makes me feel a little under-ambitious.

At some point, desire, direction, and motivation for a more fulfilling life/quest/adventure/task has to overcome my enjoyment of life here as well as my endless stay with a job that is far from challenging, just pays the bills with a little extra to do what I want when I want, and has no level above where I am at that motivates me to climb the rungs.

I've never had a job with the motivation or even possibility of climbing and rungs. My problem with my current job, as well as the last one, is that I just don't see it getting any better. I'm not one to just 'get used to the daily grind'.

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