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The Dime
First, thank you so much to everyone who contributed a comment to my last post. You made the comments and asked the questions that I was trying to do myself, plus new ideas to challenge myself. I know that sounds like touchy-feely scholarship crap, but it's true. It's a lot to think about, and now I've got to discover what I think all over again.

Secondly, got very, very wasted last night. Up there with my 22nd birthday. I removed both my shirt and my pants, but at distinctly different times at the party. Lots of typical drunken confessions of love and respect. Naturally, I woke up this morning with my standard "I'm never drinking again" vow, which generally lasts about a day and a half.

Finally, I love my word-a-day calender. So far, it's had Sanguine AND Obfuscate AND Fortitude (which I've found to be slightly misused in gaming terms) as well as quoting Motherless Brooklyn, the detective novel starring a hero with Tourette's.

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THAT BOOK! ::heart piece:: Ye gods I lurves it.

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