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Face it, I'm an addict
The Dime
Spend last night's episode in Burnsville with friends. Got a wee bit tipsy. A few moments DEMANDED that we take shots, and we heeded that call.

Overall, the show last night both disappointed and delighted. The delight? Jay in general, making his smart ass comments. ("You know what's probably in our packages? Babies. And we have to raise them for 18 years.") Another of Kara Saun's winning designs. Austin taking over to be Jay's model, walking the runway and making Jay's outfit work. The disappointment? It mainly concerns Wendy, and out of that comes the undeniable facts that the show is being contrived for Wendy to be our entertainment. I mean, yes, I realize that all reality shows edit the perceptions to make it more exciting. But all subtlety was lost last night. Austin and Wendy in a mail carrier group together? So planned. Wendy staying on over Robert? Bullshit. Ratings, exectuive producer-whores, and bullshit.

Let's look at the designs, shall we?

Kara Saun - I loved the pants. They looked comfortable from my TV set. The fur lined jacket was hot as well. You could tell that Kara was really listening to her post officer mentor. She's won four times now, twice in a row, though sadly she does not gain immunity this time. As for function, though, I'm not sure if a totally sleeveless winter coat worked for me; I appreciate the concern for arm mobility, but what about a half-sleeve for the jacket? Just a thought, I'm no designer. (Anyone else notice how Kara pointedly did not hug Wendy as she left the runway?)

Jay - They called his outfit "butch". Unfair, since a man was wearing it. Albeit, a more effeminate man than any woman on the show, but still, it was a man. And it looked good on him. It would have looked good on Julia. In that sense, it really proves a limited sense of gender androgyny. Perhaps not such a turtleneck on your 'traditional' male mail carrier, but still. The logo on the back was nice, I thought. I'm big on symbols. Jay has been a constant second, and if Kara Saun loses this competition, I will only accept it if Jay is the winner instead.

Austin - Oh, hun, you love things pretty, don't you? The poncho was a nice idea, switching the fabrics to something more breathable, but the shape was so based in another time; the 60s, I think. Big kudos for you for walking the runway for Jay, and in good spirits too. I love what you make, but truly, you are a divinely inspired costume designer. I don't know if what you make could survive as a fashion line. Still, get in the top three, babe.

Wendy - Even though her model defended her design (either sucking up to designers, or maybe feeling guilty that her requests got Nora kicked off in the Wedding Dress Challenge), Michael Cors actually criticized it in a manner I can respect. Almost, if he wasn't such a queen about it. Anyway, he looked at it from a detailed shape point of view, saying that side seams make her look thicker, pockets in the front of her stomach won't work for every woman, etc. Critiques based firmly in the look, not the taste. And the red shoes? My god. What was that? It was Wendy's time to go. Arguing with Tim, smiling when Robert was critiqued... just over all, she hasn't risen above mediocre but once.

Robert - The crux of Robert's design was the zipper pants-to-shorts. Smart, practical and designed in a way that looked good, in my opinion. But that's where all his energy went. The top of the pants was impractical for postal employees. The top was cute, I though, but on a mail carrier? The room was pretty upset that Robert was such a strong contender to be out (because we thought it should be Wendy all the way), but when they told Robert they found his design to be too 'unprofessional', not uniformed enough for the USPS, we had to agree. He skipped under the radar, and he did need to go, it just shouldn't have been before Wendy.

Other notes: I can't help but reflect yet again how much Nora was needed for this challenge! Form and function, all the way. She would have kicked ass, had it not been for that one wedding dress.

Kara and Jenny, all the way! Martinique, stay in there, girl!

While Wendy is often calculating and bitchy, the line drawn on the picture of her daughter was really uncalled for. Why sink that low, really? My money is on Kevin as the culprit.

That's all. You know the drill. A box of cookies.

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Indeed. If there was ever a moment when they could have easily cut two people at once, it was both Wendy and Robert. I too was wondering if Wendy was being demonized through the magic of TV editing, though I remember what Kara Saun said: the Wendy who started the contest with the others is not the Wendy that's there now. And I must admit, if I want to completely believe anyone on that show, it's Kara. As much as I love Jay's style, he can be pissy sometimes. I thought he was rude a couple of times to the postal worker he was assigned to work with. For a second I thought they were going to make his liason the guest judge and that he'd be even more screwed on top of the whole Julia thing. Also, his insistence in calling Wendy a cockroach was unnecessary. I know he doesn't care, but it's still not something I would have said to her face repeatedly. Jay might think he can get away with saying what ever he likes to her but I wouldn't be so cavalier about it.

Also, Austin looked great on the runway. Tee hee.

The "Cockroach" remark was so keenly placed, though. I think Jay meant it more in the sense of 'You survive anything' than the 'You are a dirty insect that no one likes'. Wendy will have taken it as the first one, while everyone else is free to interpret the second in there as well.

Austin rocks. Jay rocks. Kara rocks. Not just as designers, but as people too, I think.

Oh, definitely. I'd love to have drinks and talk about clothes or whatever with all of them.

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