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Dreaming sensations
The Dime
How common is it to feel physiological states in dreaming? To viscerally experience pain, hunger, nasauea. I know that actually reading words in dreaming is supposedly a rare treat for an uncommon few (I've managed it once or twice), but I'm not sure about this. Last night I really felt hunger, and then nausea in my dreams. It was to an extent that obviously, I feel the need to explicate on it.

In other news, it was made official last night. I am the eccentric, strange and crazy one in the presence of my friends, while my boy is the calm, solid one. The reverse is to be true around his friends. Not sure what this means for those mutual friends we will make in the span of our lives.

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as to your point-the-first: i don't know how common it is, but i also occasionally feel intense physiological states while dreaming. sometimes so great i've woken up sobbing from the pain of it.

i don't remember enough of my dreams to know if i've ever done the reading thing. it sticks with me a lot less than the physical distress does.

I grow incredibly frustrated in my dreams from being unable to read. Soon the whole dream is about how I can't see the letters, I can't understand them, or something like that.

in dreams where i can't see, it's usually because i'm so exhausted in real life that my analogue in the dream is just as exhausted. there's some kind of horrible mystery that i have to figure out, but i can't open my eyes. i can see fine for moving about, but my eyes aren't open and i can't see anything at the same time. and i'm so exhausted and stumbling around half-blind.

frequently i know what signs say and am able to follow them, but i don't think i read them.

I've experienced it some, but it tends to be really simple things - hunger, heat and cold, etc. I've had it happen in dreams where I could see and interact with things but was unable to concentrate on something like reading for even a short period of time, and I've had it happen where if I tried to stop moving or tried to concentrate on anything at all, the whole environment would start to spin and blur as if I was sitting in a Tilt-a-Whirl. And then there are the dreams where I'm in another country and can't read anything for that reason, but that's different. Helpful? No?

Can you ever tell what country you're in? Do you know the language you can't read? Even like a region? Or is it just a general sense of "I can't understand this"?

More and more I can tell where I am because I've either been there (Japan) or seen it in a movie or TV show (France, China, Mexico, etc.) and that's where my dreams are getting their information. I've learned to understand what language I'm looking at even when I don't know what it says. That's usually my point of frustration reading things in dreams - I might get a letter in Japanese and I realize that my ability is so poor I can't understand what was given to me and then I wake up before I can figure it out. I might be able to pick out a word or two of another language in a dream (ex., titles in a French movie), or I might be able to understand via Dream Intuition. Like with my last dream, everyone just spoke English with accents, but we could have just as easily been speaking Gaelic.

One can't ever discount Dream Logic/Intuition, either - when you just happen to know something without having any reason or evidence to do so. Ex.: "What's that dragon doing there? He delivers the mail. Of course."

Physiological states -- pain, yes; cold, yes; dizziness, yes. Actually, when you consider sexual dreams, it shouldn't be much of a surprise that we can feel physiological states while dreaming. On the other hand, I don't think I've ever tasted or smelled anything in a dream, although every once in a while I have dreams about being in front of about ten trays full of the most artery-clogging type of desserts and just never quite get around to grabbing any of them.

Reading happens on occasion. I've actually written things, too, which, if you've ever managed to read anything you'll be able to understand can be incredibly frustrating, what with the letters morphing into different letters and numbers whenever they feel like it.

I tasted something. Once. It was a small fruit/nut that tasted like an entire forest. devilstears then dreamed I had eaten fairy food.

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